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Fuji Xerox Cheap Compatible Factory Copier Toner Cartridge

Fuji Xerox Cheap Compatible Factory  Copier Toner Cartridge

NO. Cartridge NO. Yields  Color For  use in 
1 1810 10K BK S1810/2010/2220/2420
2 2011 10K BK S2011/2320/2520
3 2110 10K BK  
4 2060 IV 4-Generations 25K BK DC IV2060/3060/3065
5 3060 V  5-Generations 25K BK DC V2060/3060/3065
6 286 25K BK DC2060/3065/3060
7 SC-2020 3K/9K C SC2020CPS/2020DA
8 SC-2020 3K/9K M
9 SC-2020 3K/9K Y
10 SC-2020 8K/9K BK
11 2260-C IV 7.5K/15K C SC2260/C2263/C2265
12 2260-M IV 7.5K/15K M
13 2260-Y IV 7.5K/15K Y
14 2260-K IV 15K/22K BK
15 2270-C 15K C SC2270/C2275/C3370/C3371/C3373/C3375/C4470/C5570
16 2270-M 15K M
17 2270-Y 15K Y
18 2270-K 25K BK

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